Monday, May 13, 2013

Attack of the Trolls

Image by Jess Meacham

There is a creature known as the troll.  It roams the internet and various forms of online gaming.  It is seen outside very little because it rarely leaves its den.  It is most proliferous in habitats such as forums, social media and online gaming any outlet where it can post comments messages or speak through mic at people.  Although they exude confidence when communicating online it is a false confidence that no real repercussions will befall them.

The troll is a mysterious but simple creature it feeds on reactions evoked from its prey.  Trolls favorite food source is provoking rage in others and subsequently consuming it.  Because this behavior is somewhat predictable you can combat trolls by withholding their food source.  WARNING: trolls can be very dangerous if seen in the wild DO NOT punch them as this will be a very strong urge.  They will try to induce reactions but they are generally cowardly and will press charges if bitch slapped so control that urge to beat them to a pulp when they attempt to feed on you.

Trolls will use any and all perceived weaknesses against you from low self esteem issues to general insults.  They may use words like: fat, ugly, useless, stupid, dumb, scrub and noob.  Although trolls have varying intellects they may use more complex and interesting insults however the goal remains the same finding and exploiting its food sources.

Beware of the dangers of feeding trolls, it can result in extreme anger, rage, screaming, headaches, throwing things, punching things or people, rage quitting, and other negative results.  If you encounter a troll avoid interacting with it if at all possible and most importantly, do not feed the trolls because they will keep coming back for more.


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  2. Sometimes trolls make good pets. You just have to be careful.