Monday, May 6, 2013

Rocking Out & Kicking Ass

I've been thinking about the power of music lately.  Like in video games or movies when a really suspenseful part comes up and the music just builds that sense of anxiety til... BAM something jumps out and scares the crap out of you!  Or when an awesome action sequence comes up and they play a super kick ass song that just gets you all revved up.  I personally love listening to songs like that while I play video games (I've made a list of songs that I've linked below for you).

I know a lot of people listen to music while they play video games because I can hear it through their mics.  People have widely different tastes in music so maybe dubstep gets you excited for gaming or heavy metal maybe country music or pop music.  For me it's hard rock, heavy metal & alternative rock that really does it for me.  Soon as I hear some songs I just want to wreak havoc on zombies, aliens, bad guys and other players.

Music can really influence feelings for example if you're sad and you listen to upbeat music that help lift you out of the funk.  On the other hand maybe with rock music you can headbang your way out of a downer day.  Music can amplify feelings or just be relaxing.  So I say put in your earbuds, rock out & kick ass!

To download these songs simply copy and paste the url into the converter and then download!  Some of the songs may not play within the playlist just click "play in standalone player" and copy and paste that url to the MP3 converter. ENJOY!

MP3 Converter
Gaming Playlist #1


  1. Liking the blogs so far! Keep it up :) I'm a Five Finger Death Punch fan also! Personally heavy metal and hard rock really get me in the mood for any and all slaying.

    1. Yes me too! Thank you so much for reading!