Monday, April 29, 2013

My List Of Things For Awesome Gaming
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I have started a list of awesome things I found for gaming.  I didn't intend for the list to be so long initially but what can I say I get excited about gaming!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rage Quit

"Rage Quit" by Corrupted-Mooch
I'd like to talk about rage quitting today.  I've noticed that when I quit a game for any reason I frequently get messages such as "haha rage quit!" and other variants of that.  When the truth of it is that most of the time I'm not actually rage quitting.  Usually when I quit a game it's because I have to do something else, I'm joining my friends in a different game or any number of other reasons yet I often get the rage quitter messages.  I even get those messages if I was doing well in the game then quit.  It seems like gamers count it a victory if they somehow caused the other team to rage quit.

I have noticed some people rage quit when the other team is doing things that piss them off like glitching but sometimes people do it just because they're losing.  When I rage quit it's usually because the other team is glitching too much, being dicks or because my team is doing things like team killing or running off on their own generally doing things that screw the team over.  If I rage quit because of the other team they definitely know it I either tell them or send them messages.

I think that people should stay more in games that they're losing. You can learn from the opposite team just by watching someone that's better than you taking note of their stratagies & things they do differently. I have learned many things just by observing teams that are much better than me.  And in those cases I don't consider it losing if I'm the one improving myself!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why the world needs less gun control

Whether it's the flood, locusts, zombies or a man made apocalyptic event we should be prepared.  Right now politicians are trying to pass laws to restrict law abiding citizens from owning certain types of guns.  They also want to restrict the amounts of ammo people can own and the size of  magazines you're allowed in your guns.  We cannot let this happen!  When the apocalypse happens (and it will it's just a matter of time) the human race will survive using not only the military stocks of weapons but also using the privately owned weapons.

When this apocalyptic event happens there will be utter chaos the initial survivors will be people who have weapons on hand and know how to use them, have survival skills, are trained in hand to hand combat and know first aid.  When hordes of enemies are rushing towards you, you will be grateful for that extended magazine in your gun.  It would be best to have a survival plan which includes having partners one to use the assault rifle and/or sniper rifle to shoot long distance and one to use a shotgun to cover you up close.  Other supplies you should have on hand would be basic survival supplies such as water, food, medical supplies, things to barricade doors and windows and plenty of melee weapons.

Unlike in video games enemies will not drop supplies we will have to be prepared and have them stocked up or we'll have to find them ourselves.  Everyone should have at least enough weapons and ammo to survive and be able to go out and search for new supplies.  Even if you have a large stock of weapons and supplies and a perfectly barricaded hideout you will eventually run out and need to go out and find more supplies.

Governments would have you think that they will protect you in the event of a global apocalypse, however, the truth of the matter is that everyone will be on their own the governments will eventually fall and you will have to protect yourself.  I believe everyone should be preparing for this global event now, learning survival skills, how to safely use guns and other weapons, and stocking up on essential supplies.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Difference Between Competition & Bullying

You know that moment when playing multi-player online and everything is just for fun then someone does or says something that triggers your competitive side.  Suddenly you are fiercly determined to do anything and everything to win using everything in your arsenal including trolling and glitching.  Recently I was in a game and this happened and suddenly I turned into a bossy bitch screaming profanity and directions to everyone in my team flinging insults left and right to the opposite team and to my own team.

My head was pounding as I made the most of every attack but I looked around and realized the rest of my team was still just playing for fun.  I was the only one attacking with such vengence I mentally assessed myself, my head hurt horribly, I was very angry at the opposite team and my team, and I had become a total bitch.  I realized these were all either my friends or friends of friends this should be fun but it wasn't anymore.  I play purely for fun so when I realize I'm not having fun anymore I quit and do something else.  Don't get me wrong I do have fun being competitive but somewhere in there is a line between competition and rage.

Some players try intentionally to push other players over the edge.  They revel in causing misery to others.  For the most part I don't let people like this bother me but I'd like to know why they enjoy ruining other people's fun?  Is it that the game itself is no longer fun?  Is it that they enjoy causing others misery?  I think this could be an indicator of society as a whole.  Kids in school bully other kids.  Adults at work bully coworkers.  Even in everyday life I see customers being nasty to employees just because they can and there is nothing the employee can say or do back.

I think we should be asking ourselves what the consequences are for intentionally causing other people misery.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tomb Raider

Before we really get started I'd like to introduce myself I'm a girl gamer who is loud mouthed, foul mouthed, opinionated & not afraid to tell people what I think.  Continue reading at your own risk.  I love violent games both first person shooters and role playing games.  I play games on both xbox 360 and my laptop.  My goal with this blog is to start lively conversations and spark ideas.

I recently played the new Tomb Raider which came out on March 15, 2013.  Let me just say that I have only played Tomb Raider Guardian of Light before I played the new Tomb Raider and here's what I noticed.  I love the game play of the newest one.  It has amazing graphics even on my older tv.  I love that it's first person instead of third person.

The the thing I didn't like is in the cut scenes Lara seems to be whiney and scared not the capable badass that I was used to seeing in Guardian of Light.  To be honest though in most games I don't pay much attention to the cut scenes I just want the action.  I'd really like to know why they portrayed her like that though.  The other thing I really liked is that she's attractive but fully clothed to be honest I get irritated that in most games the female characters are dressed like hookers.  Character clothing is another topic we can touch on later.

One of my favorite things about the new Tomb Raider is hunting with the longbow and honestly it was my favorite weapon as far as I got in the game.  In the new Tomb Raider you use the loot you find to purchase upgrades for tools and weapons and you earn skill points you can use to improve your skills.  Overall from the 5 hours I played the new Tomb Raider I found it was fast paced, fun, exciting and visually amazing!