Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello everyone!  I have been out of the gaming loop for a good 6 months or so but I shall be returning soon!  I'm sure I will have many new things to say and talk about.  I have truly missed gaming and blogging and having fun with my friends.  I have played a few new (to me) games since I blogged last like Gears of War 3.  I finished on casual and hardcore now onto insane and finding all the goodies and getting all the achievements. I also got Dishonored which let me just say is SO fun especially all the different ways there are to kill or incap people in the game!  I'm also finally working my way through Fallout!  I hope to be back on xbox live soon so I may have more lively interactions with gamers.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful set of holidays.  The L4D withdrawals are pretty bad miss my shotgun and zombies!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Attack of the Trolls

Image by Jess Meacham

There is a creature known as the troll.  It roams the internet and various forms of online gaming.  It is seen outside very little because it rarely leaves its den.  It is most proliferous in habitats such as forums, social media and online gaming any outlet where it can post comments messages or speak through mic at people.  Although they exude confidence when communicating online it is a false confidence that no real repercussions will befall them.

The troll is a mysterious but simple creature it feeds on reactions evoked from its prey.  Trolls favorite food source is provoking rage in others and subsequently consuming it.  Because this behavior is somewhat predictable you can combat trolls by withholding their food source.  WARNING: trolls can be very dangerous if seen in the wild DO NOT punch them as this will be a very strong urge.  They will try to induce reactions but they are generally cowardly and will press charges if bitch slapped so control that urge to beat them to a pulp when they attempt to feed on you.

Trolls will use any and all perceived weaknesses against you from low self esteem issues to general insults.  They may use words like: fat, ugly, useless, stupid, dumb, scrub and noob.  Although trolls have varying intellects they may use more complex and interesting insults however the goal remains the same finding and exploiting its food sources.

Beware of the dangers of feeding trolls, it can result in extreme anger, rage, screaming, headaches, throwing things, punching things or people, rage quitting, and other negative results.  If you encounter a troll avoid interacting with it if at all possible and most importantly, do not feed the trolls because they will keep coming back for more.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Once A Week

I apologize to all of my readers I'm going through a tough time right now so until further notice I'll only be posting once per week.  Thank you for reading.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rocking Out & Kicking Ass

I've been thinking about the power of music lately.  Like in video games or movies when a really suspenseful part comes up and the music just builds that sense of anxiety til... BAM something jumps out and scares the crap out of you!  Or when an awesome action sequence comes up and they play a super kick ass song that just gets you all revved up.  I personally love listening to songs like that while I play video games (I've made a list of songs that I've linked below for you).

I know a lot of people listen to music while they play video games because I can hear it through their mics.  People have widely different tastes in music so maybe dubstep gets you excited for gaming or heavy metal maybe country music or pop music.  For me it's hard rock, heavy metal & alternative rock that really does it for me.  Soon as I hear some songs I just want to wreak havoc on zombies, aliens, bad guys and other players.

Music can really influence feelings for example if you're sad and you listen to upbeat music that help lift you out of the funk.  On the other hand maybe with rock music you can headbang your way out of a downer day.  Music can amplify feelings or just be relaxing.  So I say put in your earbuds, rock out & kick ass!

To download these songs simply copy and paste the url into the converter and then download!  Some of the songs may not play within the playlist just click "play in standalone player" and copy and paste that url to the MP3 converter. ENJOY!

MP3 Converter
Gaming Playlist #1

Friday, May 3, 2013

Can't Live Without...

Recently my favorite game broke.  I came to realize just how addicting playing your favorite game everyday can be.  It drove me up the wall that I couldn't pop my disc in and play it.  I tried playing other games, games that I also like but it's just not the same as playing the game you're jonesin' to play.   To make things worse my friends that were playing my favorite game were sending me invites which I couldn't accept.

The definition of addiction
: the quality or state of being addicted
: compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance (as heroin, nicotine, or alcohol) characterized by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal
I'm not saying gaming addiction is the same as drug or alcohol addiction, but there are some definite symptoms of  withdrawal that I've been experiencing: irritability, restlessness, anxiety & depression.  On the other hand, when I have the satisfaction of playing my favorite game it relieves anxiety, depression and improves my mood.  There's a rush when you pull off the perfect attack.  It's fun and exciting and makes me feel happy overall.
However, this could also be a bad thing if someone relies solely on games to make them happy.  It could conceivably get to the point where nothing makes a person happy except playing video games.  Which would be bad since there's so much life has to offer.  Relationships with significant others, friends & family suffer when this happens.  Like with everything else in life having a happy medium is essential.

Monday, April 29, 2013

My List Of Things For Awesome Gaming
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I have started a list of awesome things I found for gaming.  I didn't intend for the list to be so long initially but what can I say I get excited about gaming!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rage Quit

"Rage Quit" by Corrupted-Mooch
I'd like to talk about rage quitting today.  I've noticed that when I quit a game for any reason I frequently get messages such as "haha rage quit!" and other variants of that.  When the truth of it is that most of the time I'm not actually rage quitting.  Usually when I quit a game it's because I have to do something else, I'm joining my friends in a different game or any number of other reasons yet I often get the rage quitter messages.  I even get those messages if I was doing well in the game then quit.  It seems like gamers count it a victory if they somehow caused the other team to rage quit.

I have noticed some people rage quit when the other team is doing things that piss them off like glitching but sometimes people do it just because they're losing.  When I rage quit it's usually because the other team is glitching too much, being dicks or because my team is doing things like team killing or running off on their own generally doing things that screw the team over.  If I rage quit because of the other team they definitely know it I either tell them or send them messages.

I think that people should stay more in games that they're losing. You can learn from the opposite team just by watching someone that's better than you taking note of their stratagies & things they do differently. I have learned many things just by observing teams that are much better than me.  And in those cases I don't consider it losing if I'm the one improving myself!