Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rage Quit

"Rage Quit" by Corrupted-Mooch
I'd like to talk about rage quitting today.  I've noticed that when I quit a game for any reason I frequently get messages such as "haha rage quit!" and other variants of that.  When the truth of it is that most of the time I'm not actually rage quitting.  Usually when I quit a game it's because I have to do something else, I'm joining my friends in a different game or any number of other reasons yet I often get the rage quitter messages.  I even get those messages if I was doing well in the game then quit.  It seems like gamers count it a victory if they somehow caused the other team to rage quit.

I have noticed some people rage quit when the other team is doing things that piss them off like glitching but sometimes people do it just because they're losing.  When I rage quit it's usually because the other team is glitching too much, being dicks or because my team is doing things like team killing or running off on their own generally doing things that screw the team over.  If I rage quit because of the other team they definitely know it I either tell them or send them messages.

I think that people should stay more in games that they're losing. You can learn from the opposite team just by watching someone that's better than you taking note of their stratagies & things they do differently. I have learned many things just by observing teams that are much better than me.  And in those cases I don't consider it losing if I'm the one improving myself!


  1. I especially hate when people ragequit before really giving it a shot -- like, you're in a battleground (in WoW, my game of choice lol), and midway through people start bitching that we're gonna lose or that we've already lost, and they leave game. Aaaand sometimes we go on to lose, but sometimes we go on to win.

    If you ARE going to ragequit in a situation like that, do it silently, without trying to drag down everyone else. Bunches of people saying, "Well, we suck, we lost, this is pointless," and then disappearing, is really disheartening. >.<

    rawr. lol.

    1. I agree it just discourages everyone else which can be the turning point really if you're encouraging instead it can seriously turn it around so even if you don't win everyone still has a great time!